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Unit I: Differential and Cascade Amplifiers

Differential Amplifier, Differential Amplifier Circuit Configuration, Dual Input-Balanced output Differential Amplifier, Dual Input-Unbalanced output Differential Amplifier, Single Input-Balanced output Differential Amplifier, Single Input-unbalanced output Differential Amplifier (2:17); Differential Amplifier using Op-Amp (5:03); DC analysis of Differential Amplifier (6:12); AC analysis of Differential Amplifier Differential (13:31); Amplifier with swamping resistors (7:59); Constant current bias and Current Mirror (11:46); Cascaded differential Amplifier Stages, Level Translator, CE-CB configuration;

Unit II: Introduction to Operational Amplifiers

Block diagram of a typical Op-Amp, Schematic symbol, integrated circuits and their types, IC package types, Pin Identification and temperature range, Interpretation of data sheets, Overview of typical set of datasheets (7:10); Characteristics and performance parameters of and Op-Amp (6:20); Ideal Op-Amp, Equivalent circuit of an Op-Amp, Ideal voltage transfer curve, Open loop configurations: Differential, Inverting & Non-Inverting. Practical Op-Amp: Input offset voltage, Input bias current, Input offset current, total output offset voltage, Thermal drift, Effect of variation in power supply voltages on offset voltage, Change in Input offset voltage and Input offset current with time, Temperature and supply voltage sensitive parameters, Noise, Common Mode configuration and common mode rejection Ratio (8:05); Feedback configurations;

Unit III: Applications of Op-Amp

DC and AC amplifiers (6:57); Peaking Amplifier (2:06); Summing, Scaling, Averaging Amplifiers & D/A Converter (19:56); V to I and I and to V converter Log and Antilog Amplifier Integrator and Differentiator First order LP Butterworth filter, Second order LP Butterworth filter, First order HP Butterworth filter, Second order HP Butterworth filter Higher order filters, Band pass filter, Band reject filters, All pass filter Phase shift oscillator Wein bridge oscillator; Quadrature oscillator; Square wave generator; Triangular wave generator; Sawtooth wave generator; Voltage controlled oscillator; Basic comparator, Zero crossing detector; Schmitt trigger; Window detector; V to F and F to V converters; A to D and D to A converters; Peak Detector; Sample and Hold Circuit; Instrumentation Amplifier (4:35);

Unit IV: Specialized IC Applications

IC 555 Timer: Pin configuration, Block diagram, application of IC 555 as Monostable and Astable Multivibrator Phase Lock Loops: Operating principles & applications of IC 565; Voltage Regulators: Fixed voltage regulators, Adjustable voltage regulators, Switching Regulators

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