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Unit I: Classification of Signals and Systems

Continuous Time (CT) signals, Discrete Time (DT) signals - Step, Ramp, Pulse, Impulse, Exponential (12:45);Classification of signals (9:00);Analysis of Periodic and Aperiodic signals (8:55);Analysis of Even and Odd signals (13:44);Analysis of Energy and Power signals (9:40);Classification of Systems (16:15);

Unit II: Analysis of Continuous Time Signals

Fourier Series analysis; Spectrum of CT signals (16:48);Fourier Transform (18:35);Properties of Fourier Transform: (9:17);Power Spectral Density and Energy spectral density;

Unit III: Linear Time Invariant - Continuous Time Systems

Linear Time Invariant systems and their properties (7:44);Differential Equation and Block Diagram Representation (5:44);Impulse Response and Convolution Integral (4:36);Frequency Response (Transfer Function) (6:09);Fourier Transforms analysis;

Unit IV: Analysis of Discrete Time Signals

Sampling of CT signals and aliasing; DTFT and Its properties; Z-Transform and Its properties;

Unit V: Linear Time Invariant - Discrete Time System

Difference Equations & Block Diagram Representation; Impulse Response; Convolution Sum; LTI systems analysis using DTFT and Z-Transforms;

Unit VI: Random Signal Theory

Introduction to Probabilities - Definitions; Probability of Random Events, Joint and Conditional Probability; Probability Mass Function; Statistical Averages; Probability Density Functions (PDF) and Statistical Averages; Examples of PDF; Transformation of Random Variables Random Processes; Stationary, True Averages and Ergodic;