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Nature Inspired MATLAB based Toolbox

This MATLAB based toolbox is designed by Dr. Satvir Singh during his course of Ph.D. for evolving Fuzzy Logic Systems of Type-1 and Type-2. However, this is useful in evolving solutions to arbitrary NP-hard problems. This toolbox is runs in MATLAB environment only, however, efforts are being made to translate it into C++, so as to make it platform independent.

This NI Tool is capable of evolving solutions for an abitrary NP Hard Engineering or Non-engineering problem using Particle Swarm Optimzation (PSO) of Biogeography Based Optimization (BBO) algorithms. User-freindly Graphical User Interface (GUI) and collaboration with MS Excel environment is perfect for describing systems requirements, constraints and training data. Most of variants of PSO and BBO algorithms are open for experimentions to the user.

NITool User Interface and Progress Window during Run

Download: 1. Nature Inspired Toolbox: NITool 2. Demo examples and test functions: NITool
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