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Useful LaTeX Template
S.No.Template NameCategoryUpdated OnZip FileFile Size
1 B.Tech. Major Project ReportB.Tech. Docs2016-12-231183.KB
2 Six-Month Training ReportB.Tech. Docs2016-12-23206.6KB
3 M.Tech. Seminar ReportM.Tech. Docs2016-12-231717KB
4 M.Tech. Thesis Template - IKGPTUM.Tech. Docs2016-12-231713KB
5 Class Assignment - SBSSTC FerozepurMisc Docs2016-12-23360.5KB
6 Laboratory Manual - SBSSTC FerozepurMisc Docs2016-12-23447KB
7 eBook TemplateMisc Docs2016-12-23610.1KB
8 Ph.D. Thesis - MDU RohtakPh.D. Docs2016-12-233955.KB
9 Ph.D. Thesis - NIT JalandharPh.D. Docs2016-12-233768.KB
10 Ph.D. Synopsis - IKGPTUPh.D. Docs2016-12-23509.6KB
11 Taylor and Francis JournalResearch Paper2016-12-23275.4KB
12 Wiley Journal PaperResearch Paper2016-12-23290.6KB
13 Springer Journal PaperResearch Paper2016-12-23173.6KB
14 Elsevier Journal Paper (Modified)Research Paper2016-12-2394.9KB
15 IEEE Journal and Conferences (Modified)Research Paper2016-12-2331.6KB
Dr Satvir Singh: Personal Website